C.Y.M.T.F Visit Huge success




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I must congratulate the C.Y.M.T.F and it’s President Mr Sakis Siakopoulos along with Master Kyriakos Christofi, for having the vision in bringing Grand Master Kevin Lloyd from England who is the Vice President and General Secrtary of the World Muay Boran Federation (W.M.B.F).

He conducting workshops for the Master, Kru Yais and Krus, along with seminars for all Krus and student, they also looked at updating there knowledge for the rules and regulations of Muay Boran, the new rules have been updated to allow all athletes taking part to use all the weapons along with throws sweeps and drops in combat.

The seminar for rules and regulations were under the WMBF & WMO to cover all aspects including Amateur Pro-am and Professional.

Success in CYPRUS 2014

CYPRUS SUCCESS, I was Honoured with a presentation of a engraved shield at the Opening Ceremony at the start of the Seminar by the President of the C.Y.M.T.F of Cyprus, Mr Sakis Siakopoulos and Master Kyriakos Christofi along with all the Kru Yai’s & Kru’s from 16 gyms from the federation from all over Cyprus, there students attended 3 seminars, the 1st was a seminar and workshop for the Kru Yai and Kru’s the 2nd was for both Teachers and Students and the 3rd was for Referee & Judges under WMBF & WMO rules & regulations, with a total of over 200 attending over the weekend, I would like to thank everyone for all your nice comments and for making us so welcome on our visit .10487327_10152084670166261_2455568784696480932_n10509601_10152084671431261_6938969291940360116_n10155725_10152084672141261_4480516678284407463_n

The Seminars were also very successful, with over 200 taking part over the full weekend.