WMAC Success Bangkok 2015

We would like to thank GM Woody and GM Kevin for all the hard work making it such a huge success, during the World Martial Council (WMAC) Games during the 12th to 22nd of March 2015 at the Hau Mak National Sports Stadium, Bangkok.


This event brought so many different Martial Arts together for the first time, and we have made so many new friends, we maid mistakes but we can learn from them.

IMG_2104 IMG_2106

The Wmac also took the opportunity to host its World Congress, attending by a lot of members with some great Ideas and information, and proposals for the next Games.

IMG_2127 IMG_2126 IMG_2131


At the World Congress, WMAC took the opportunity to award some prestigie award to some people who have shown them selves to be above and beyond the call of duty, Brian Jack got his 10th Dan for his work in JUDO, with Michael Good and Grand Master Kevin receiving the converted Presidents Pin, there is only 4 in the World  with this award the highest that WMAC can present.