The Truth

It gives us pleasure to bring you some up to date News, about recent allogations and comments made by one of the leading Organisations who are missleading everyone. .

Meetings have taken place at the highest level with some of the World Federation leaders attending to make the case on behalf of everyone around the World not just Thailand.

To give this credibility we have attached the official transcript along with official translations, which are stamped by indipendant translation company.

As you can see from the letters and transcripts below, one if from the official meeting, with reply from the Thai Government, one from the Minister of Tourism and Sport, and the other from the Governor of the Sport Authority, it is clear by the answer given, everyone can make up there own minds.

Teachers Day

Teacher day was celebrated in style at KMA Head Office at Luktupfah

National Teachers Dat in Thailand, and celebrated around the World, Paying Respect to all teachers with thanks for sharing their muaythai knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Many Thanks to all our Senior Grand Master…

Paying Respect to Teachers by performing Wai Kru Ram Muay Dance.

5th International Games 2020

The Games are nearly here, we are collecting all Teams for this great event, its move to Pattaya will help give a different atmophere and dynamic touch.

It all starts on the 7/8th March and runs until the 17th with the final day being a spectacular traditional event in Ayuthaya celebrating Wai Kru and respect to All Teachers.