About W.M.B.F.

History plays it’s part, and helping to play our part by bringing Muay Boran back in the limelight as the World Muay Boran Federation (WMBF) Muay Boran has been around for 1000’s of years and is taught everywhere like the army school and 100’s if not 1000’s of camps in Thailand alone, what we need to remember is that Muay Thai as a Art & Sport came from MUAY BORAN:

GM-WoodySteering the way is our President Assistant Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan (aka) GM Woody, using his postion he’s not trying to teach anything new, but he is trying to forge the way for anyone who would like to LEARN.

“what we need to remember is that Muay Thai as a Art & Sport came from Muay Boran”

You only need to look at the support from all the Grand Masters of Thailand, by re-electing him within the Kru Master Muaythai Association (KMA) and giving him their full support and also making the WMBF a Full Associate member just like the World Muaythai Organisation for Professional.

As he builds the way with the help of everyone including his honorary President Saysamone Sayasone, who himself is the President of the Muay Lao Association and representative for the Lao NOC, his help, guidance and advice will be invaluable, along with his very competent Vice President & General Secretary GM Kevin Lloyd who himself has over 40 years experience and hold the position of life long chairman of England Muaythai Federation, general secretary of World Martial Arts Council (WMAC). Along with Vice President & Treasure Mohd Nooramin Kaw (Amin Kaw) who is the President of Muay Association of Malaysia, Muay Association of Parak and General Secrtary Southeast Asia Muay Federation (SEAMF) with all the other executive member the WMBF will grow stronger and stronger year by year.

We will set up the complete board.

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