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Happy New Year for 2019

The President of the WMBF, would like to wish everyone a spectacular and prospurus 2019.

The Vice President General Secretary and Executive Committee, would also like to wish everyone a fantastic Year.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in March at the Games & Festival 8th March to 18th 2019 in Bangkok…

New logo 2019

South America and Mexico Schedule 2018

The WMBF & KMA, are sending GM Kevin to conduct yet more educational Seminars, with our WMBF representatives in Brazil and Mexico.

The tour will start in Rio from the end of August and start of September in Goias, I have listed all the poster so far for the different states where seminars will take place, contact information is on each poster.


Rio De Janeiro 30 AugGoias 1 sept Rio Grand Do Sul 14 Sept Savador 16 Sept Espirito Santo 12-13 Sept  Brazilia 2 sept    IMG_6535


K.M.A. Meeting & Re-elected Chairman


               KMA LogoLogo_World Muay  


KRU MUAYTHAI ASSOCIATION (K.M.A.), as association registered officially with National Culture Commission, Ministry of Culture, Kingdom of Thailand to promote the heritage of its ancient martial arts popularly known as Muay Boran and Muaythai.

Up to date News after Elections, GM Woody Chinawut Sirisomoan, was re elected as Chairman for the next 4 years.



The new committee had its 1stmeeting on 14thSeptember 2013 @ 10.00 a.m. after the last AGM held in June 2013at Luktupfah Muaythai Camp & Academy, Onnut, Bangkok. The newly elected committee headed by Asst. Senior Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan (GM Woody) who was again unanimously retained as the chairman for the tenure of 2 years from  2013 to 2015.







The meeting was started with the opening address by the chairman to greet and welcome all attendees. The meeting continued with the discussion of formalizing and compilation of Muay Boran syllabus and its competition rules and regulations for Semi Contact (Amateur) and Full Contact (Professional) competitions.


In order to promote Muay Boran internationally, the committee unanimously agrees to accept and allowed World Muay Boran Federation (W.M.B.F.)to be an associate member under its wing. This will encourage clubs, gyms and associations which practices martial arts, muaythai and muay boran throughout the world to join the federation and enjoy the benefit of proper teaching of Muay Boran curriculum / Khan grading provided by K.M.A. which eventually is beneficial to Thailand to disseminate its culture globally.


The committee also continues to discuss on the present setback of existing members not paying their fees promptly and some Kru have misused their position to create their own certification.

The committee agrees to inform concerned members and should they ignore, their names will be delisted as member of the association and their membership and Khan grade revoked. It is also agrees that should any organization use the logo or name of the association with approval, legal action will be proceeded against them.


All members stop for lunch and later continue to proceed to the gym to observe the workshop created with 2 boxers wearing proper Muay Boran attires doing the demonstration fight for the members to brainstorm and feedback on the Muay Boran rules and regulations proposed for both the Semi Contact (Amateur) and Full Contact (Professional) competitions.



The meeting was adjourned at 3.00 p.m. with a motion of thanks with all members been given a week to go through the rules and regulations and feedback to the chairman for better improvement.





WMBF & WKA Make History


After the success in Thailand during the 3rd International and Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival with both Organisations working together, It has given us the chance to make history, with that in mind Its give us great pleasure to announce that a meeting between GM Chinawut Sirisomoan the President of the World Muay Boran Federation (WMBF) along with the Vice President of the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) with GM Kevin Lloyd Vice President WMBF, and Dave Sawyer Vice President of WKA, were both present as witnesses, WKA braking new ground with introducing a Muay Boran division / section to its base, the WMBF will assist in the development and educations of all rules & regulations and with technics of Boran for competion.

IMG_5058 IMG_5062




Club Name: Confederation Brasillian of Muay Boran and MuayThai
Club Address:Ê State Rio Grande do Sul City, Porto Alegre, Sao Geraldo Street Avenida Pernambuco 2699
Country:Ê Brazil
Club Website:Ê CMBM (FaceBook)
President Kru Yai Alexandre Carneiro   Tel: 51 981 32 52 00
Established 26/12/16
Updated: 22/04/18
Student Name Grade (Khan) Date Achieved
Alexandre Carneiro 13
Arturo Villarreal 13 21/06/17
Leo Vasconcelos 12 31/05/16
2 31/05/16
2 31/05/16
1 31/05/16
1 31/05/16

Gibraltar Muay Thai Boran

Club Name: Gibraltar Muay Boran
Club Address:Ê 15 Rosia Court, Rosia Road, Gibraltar
Country:Ê Gibraltar
Club Website:Ê Gibraltar Muay Thai (Facebook)
Senior Instructor: Ajarn Sean Dooney
Updated: 26/08/16
Student Name Grade (Khan) Date Achieved
David Bragg 4 31/05/16
John Luke Olivera 2 31/05/16
Samuel Park 2 31/05/16
Juan Carlos Diaz 2 31/05/16
Luke Jones 2 31/05/16
Jordan Celecia 1 31/05/16
Jamie Heritage 1 31/05/16

Happy New Year

From the President Mr Chinawut Sirisompan ( GM Woody ) along with myself GM Kevin, would like to Wish Everyone a Blessed and Prosperous New Year for 2018.

So many special things happening around the World at this time, form within the WMBF or WMO, we have a spectacular event in March with the 3rd International and Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival during the 12th to 22nd March 2018, not to be missed.

We look forward to seeing all of our Old & New friends.

WMBF & WMO Championship, Milan Italy 2017.

It was a Proud moment for me attending the WMBF & WMO European Championships Milan Italy October 13th to 15th 2017.

I would like to take this opportunity in congratulate Diego his Wife and all his complete team in making the whole event and visit successful for all attending Countries.

Present were Italy – Greece with 2 teams -Switzerland – Spain with 2 teams & Russia – Portugal – and myself from England, unfortunately due to Ryanair flight problems some teams had air tickets cancelled.

The Event also conducted a Referee Judges  for all who could attend, with all taking part within the Championships, this was for International Status, working with Italy.

The Final Bout of the Championships was between the two Finalists within the WMO Pro-Am -71kg Category,

Luca Tagliarino ( ITALY ) Vs Gianni Tsigos ( GREECE )

The NEW Champion Gianni Tsigos ( GREECE )

21905447_1974806862765427_1352818663_n        IMG_0926