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Brizilian Tour November / December 2016

It give me great pleasure to attend one of my favourite Countries Brazil along with Uruguay from the 30th November to 13th December 2016, you can see some of the States I am attending from the poster listed below.

The Visit will be educational with Seminar covering Muay Boran / Muay Thai Fight Tactics / WMBF & WMO Rules & Regulations of Competition & Sport along with Khan Grading for all levels.

Finalising with the Brazilian Championship to find the team to Thailand March 2017


W.M.O. Executive Board

The WMO Has published it Senior Members and senior Executive committee, we have set them out below in the chart, as you can see at the top our President Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan ( GM Woody )

Vice Presidents Nuttasan Hutasavee along with Sasan Ghosairi

Secretary Jade Sirisompan

Senior Executive and Zone Members

GM Kevin Lloyd Zone / commissioner Europe & South America

Arjarn Pascal Matui Europe Commissioner

GM Sami Kiblawi Middle East Commissioner

Arjarn Amin Kaw Asia Commissioner

Hoary Member Malaysia Major Gen Dato Hj Klirr Hj Mond Nor


IMG_1342                  IMG_1343


Training in THAILAND

The Home of Grand Master Chinawut Sirisomoan ( GM Woody )

Here is some info about one of the best all round Camps to train at in Thailand, when looking for somewhere to go, you need to know some important info, first what you learn is 100% correct, and not just Cardio & Pads, which suits some, for credibility which is paramount.

Please review all the leaflets provided within this article.



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   IMG_0638     IMG_0642       IMG_0643


Muay Boran moves into Europe

It was my great pleasure to attend Romania and visit my good friend Adrian Dejanu, as you can see from the photo of the Budoland Magazine I was made to feel very special.

I was very happy to meet two very important people during my visit.

The seminars we help were accepted with both arms and are wanting more knowledge in the future to progress.

We also help a Muay Boran tournament during the European Championships.


2nd International Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival 2017

News update re Games 2017,

After the huge success of the 1st International Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival 12 – 21 March 2016, as a global federations we have started the planning early, so that organisations can budget and prepare early along with Teams athletes families & friends.

We hope to have a new registration document online soon, we will keep you posted, here is the official Logo.



Great News for 2016-2017

It gives me great pleasure to announce, the K.M.A. Chairman GM Chinawut Sirisomoan and Senior Grand Master and the Executive committee have had a meeting regarding improvements of the Khan Syllabus system, more information to come soon, below are the members and official backdrop


KMA Logo Logo_World Muay