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WMO New Member Spain


I would like to Congratulate Francisco Villaiba Miraime on becoming our Representing Spain with the Federation Espanola Muaythai Krabee Krabong from the 30th July 2015, for any information please contact or visit

Spain4 Spain 6


News Flash “INDIA”


Its give us great pleasure to announce the formation of the new SAARC which stands for South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, with its new name SAARC Muay Boran Federation, this federation consists of 8 Nations including India Pakistan, Sri-lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan and Afghanistan, with one Goal, which is to promote Muay Boran and all aspects of the Muay ART.

Muay Boran is the traditional side of our art and has existed for over 3000 yrs, and today is one of the fast becoming the part of Muay that everyone wants to learn, its not about the fight, but about the knowledge that can be learnt, the KMA along with WMBF are proud to be helping these countries establish them selves in this undertaking.


GM Woody “AWARD”

We would like to send our Congratulations to Senior Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan on showing the World that learning and being accepted at the highest level, is not beyond anyone.

He has held the prestigus level of Senior GM since 1998 but this has not stopped him from showing the top associations and governing body in Thailand that he is who he says he is, In order to show that the KMA is serious and is one of the top associations, he took part within the B’ Level Course  and representing the KMA, by showing this level of commitment it helps the KMA provide the highest and best certification in the world.


KMA Elections


News Flash

Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan (aka GM Woody) Has been relocated as the Chairman of the Kru Master Association ( KMA) by the Senior Grand Master and Executive committee for a new term.

It give us great sleazier in congratulating him on this well deserved appointment.





It gives the WMBF great pleasure in attending India with Grand Master Kevin, who will be conducting seminars of Muay Boran / Muay Thai, and working with MBMTAI and also assessing the level of Kru’s (Teachers) for the KMA, Khan grading will also be reviewed by GM Kevin to make sure all KMA rules are used.


WMAC Success Bangkok 2015

We would like to thank GM Woody and GM Kevin for all the hard work making it such a huge success, during the World Martial Council (WMAC) Games during the 12th to 22nd of March 2015 at the Hau Mak National Sports Stadium, Bangkok.


This event brought so many different Martial Arts together for the first time, and we have made so many new friends, we maid mistakes but we can learn from them.

IMG_2104 IMG_2106

The Wmac also took the opportunity to host its World Congress, attending by a lot of members with some great Ideas and information, and proposals for the next Games.

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At the World Congress, WMAC took the opportunity to award some prestigie award to some people who have shown them selves to be above and beyond the call of duty, Brian Jack got his 10th Dan for his work in JUDO, with Michael Good and Grand Master Kevin receiving the converted Presidents Pin, there is only 4 in the World  with this award the highest that WMAC can present.



New Honours From Wmac

On Saturday the 20th September at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester, GM Kevin Lloyd (Grand Master Muay Thai / Boran), Sensei Michael Good (8th Dan Ju-Jitsu & 2nd Dan Judo) along with Master Ronnie Green (Master Muay Thai)

These distinctions are the highest awards bestowed by the World Martial Arts Council
I would like to Thank The President of the World Martial Arts Council Mr Alan Foster, for giving me this very Special Prestigious Award, The Roll of Honour Award, which I believe has only ever been given to 5 People in the long history of WMAC.

GMK Roll of Honour3 MR ROLLof Honour Sensei MG Roll of Honour All Roll of Honour