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Success in CYPRUS 2014

CYPRUS SUCCESS, I was Honoured with a presentation of a engraved shield at the Opening Ceremony at the start of the Seminar by the President of the C.Y.M.T.F of Cyprus, Mr Sakis Siakopoulos and Master Kyriakos Christofi along with all the Kru Yai’s & Kru’s from 16 gyms from the federation from all over Cyprus, there students attended 3 seminars, the 1st was a seminar and workshop for the Kru Yai and Kru’s the 2nd was for both Teachers and Students and the 3rd was for Referee & Judges under WMBF & WMO rules & regulations, with a total of over 200 attending over the weekend, I would like to thank everyone for all your nice comments and for making us so welcome on our visit .10487327_10152084670166261_2455568784696480932_n10509601_10152084671431261_6938969291940360116_n10155725_10152084672141261_4480516678284407463_n

The Seminars were also very successful, with over 200 taking part over the full weekend.


Seminars Around the WORLD

Keep an Eye on the events page.

Things are looking up, with many Countries are asking for seminars, we are helping them bring what they want, Cyprus and India are just 2 of the latest countries to conduct them, with Brazil and others in the near future.

Tournaments are also taking place all over the World, Italy and other are working on them

KMA Letters

The Chairman of the KMA Chinawut Sirisompan (GM Woody) would like to inform everyone of the structure of the KMA and also advise ALL members rules and membership dose not give you the right to do anything without permission, please read attached letters.

kru doc 2


kru doc1


kru doc3

Ayutthaya 2014 Results

The Muay Boarn Championships in the Ancient City of Ayutthaya was a huge success, we are going to bring you all the details, including the draw and medal list along with photo and fight videos.

Medal List from the 1st World Muay Boran Championships 2014

Well Done To All.

Male Cadet 22kg

 Gold  Stam Sitpalang Thailand
 Silver  Ramadan ondash Lebanon

Male Cadet 30 kg

 Gold  Nozimbek Umarov Uzbekistan
 Gold  Nadin Drazi Lebanon

Male Cadet 35 kg

 Gold  Tomas Scafone Canada
 Silver  Royce Robertson England

Male Cadet48 kg

 Gold  Ryan Arreola Canada
 Silver  Uzbekistan

Male Cadet 51kg

 Gold  Doston Malikov Uzbekistan
 Silver  Chris Barraclough England

Male Cadet 54kg

 Gold  Bakhtiyoe Malikov Uzbekistan
 Silver  Matthew Cooper England

Male Cadet 57kg

 Gold  Marques Scarfone Canada
 Silver  Anucha Winaikit Thailand

Male Cadet 60kg

 Gold  Jirawat Thailand
 Silver  Michael Viani Canada

Female Cadet 38kg

 Gold  Arisara Haruengsong Thailand
 Silver  Angel Curtis England

Male Cadet 45kg

 Gold  Chainarong Thailand
 Silver  Riley Gear Canada

Youth Male 51kg

 Gold  Kharbi Kurbonon Uzbekistan
 Silver  Wuthidey Sinpong Thailand

Youth Male 57kg

 Gold  Iskandar Mirzaev Uzbekistan
 Silver  Dawsopn brindle Canada
 Bronze  Anas BM Alwaroydat Jordan

Youth Male 63.5kg

 Gold  Mirkhosil Yoldoshboev Uzbekistan
 Silver  Drake leduc Canada
 Bronze  Douglas da silver menna Brazil

Youth Female 54kg

 Gold  Isabelle Lacroix Canada
 Silver  Tursunoy Rakhimova Uzbekistan

Youth Female 60kg

 Gold  Wendy Broux Netherland
 Silver  Bethany Gee Engalnd

Senior Male 45kg

 Gold  Mohamad Sufian Brunei
 Silver  Daokiajai P Sinpong Thailand

Senior Male 51kg

 Gold  Zudan Sftparung Thailand
 Silver  Mukhamadal Uzbekistan

Senior Male 54kg

 Gold  Nguyen NT Nhat Vietnam
 Silver  Xurshid Eshanxodtays Uzbekistan

Senior Male 57kg

 Gold  Anuchit Satid Thailand
 Silver  Kho We-Li Brunei
 Bronze  Lee Brook England
 Bronze  Dilshard Malik Dane Sri Lanka

Senior Male 60kg

 Gold  Duy Nhat Vietnam
 Silver  Napa Sopakun Thailand
 Bronze  Adrew Woods Canada
 Bronze  Andreas Karapanos Greece

Senior Male 63.5kg

 Gold  Mangkol Yoma Thailand
 Silver  Will White England
 Bronze  Inogat Radjabol Uzbekistan
 Bronze  Stanley Mancebo Canada

Senior Male 67kg

 Gold  Youssif aboud Lebanon
 Silver  Bradley tunnacliffe England
 Bronze  Ahmed Ondash Lebanon
 Bronze  Seyed Faraz Khalvatian Iran

Senior Male 71kg

 Gold  Thanabat Nakomsri Thailand
 Silver  Soufi Hedi France
 Bronze  Armin Ghanbari Iran

Senior Male 81kg

 Gold  Matt Leaflever Canada B
 Silver  Bouchard Johathan Canada A
 Bronze  Ahmed Makhzoun Lebanon 2
 Bronze  Rocky Kiblawi Lebanon 1

Senior Male 86kg

 Gold  El Kassem Lebanon
 Silver  Ali Hameed Toli Iraq
 Bronze  Dmos Demoul Cyprus

Youth female 63.5

 Gold  Jukjik Thailand
 Silver  Nicole Hunter Canada

Senior Male 91kg

 Gold  Zlad Spnno Lebanon
 Silver  Rebie El masri Palestine B
 Bronze  Khaled Elain Palestine A

Senior Male 91+kg

 Gold  Alisher Kholikov Uzbekistan
 Silver  Alexandrea carneiro Brazil
 Bronze  Moham ned Ali Palestine A
 Bronze  Ibranim Muslimani Lebanon 2

Senior Female 48kg

 Gold  Negan Gowing Canada
 Silver  Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc Vietnam
 Bronze  Wilaiwan Namungehan Thailand
 Bronze  luong T Tuten Vietnam 2

Senior Female 51kg

 Gold  Maggie Tucker Canada
 Silver  Maltira Vatanapackdee Thailand
 Bronze  Anita Aoun Lebanon

Senior Female 54kg

 Gold  Yasmid Trbovisi Lebanon B
 Silver  Rina sawah Lebanon A
 Bronze  Elisatta De Azeveto Brazil
 Bronze  denalyn Begin Canada

Senior Female 57kg

 Gold  Alyssa Goodridge Canada
 Silver  Konnika Nuanborisoon Thailand
 Bronze  Panagiota Georgiou Cyprus

Senior Female 60kg

 Gold  Maya Hodovj Lebanon
 Silver  Nadin El Baeh France
 Bronze  Mona Noor Canada

Senior Female 67kg

 Gold  Kelly Hagabn Canada
 Silver  Gemma Train England