GIMAF Games in India


Event Details

The Global International Martial Arts Federation ( G.I.M.A.F.) under the President Bicham Kumar Singah and his team, presents a fantastic Event in preparation for the 3rd International & Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival in Bangkok during March 2018.

The GIMAF, 2nd National Martial Arts Games & Festival will take part on the 27th to 29th December 2017 at the Bhogeswari Phukanani Indoor Stadium, Dispur, Guwahati, Assa, the event is supported by the K.M.A. РW.M.B.F. РW.M.O.  who are the governing bodies in Thailand for the Muay side of things during the event.

Congratulation to the President his Team and all other Martial Arts taking part during the event.