The 2022 Thai World Championships will be held in the UAE

The current 2021 year stands out with many Muay Thai field changes. The sport itself is growing in its popularity, thus demands special attention from the gubernamental representatives too.
In accordance with an agreement signed by the International Federation of Muay Thai Associations (IFMA) and the UAE Muay Thai and Kickboxing Federation, it was confirmed that the UAE
will host the upcoming Thai Boxing World Championship in 2022. The agreement was signed in the presence of the President of IFMA, the Executive Director of IFMA, the member of the diplomatic mission of the United Arab Emirates in the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Member of the Board of Directors of the UAE Thai Boxing and Kickboxing Federation as well as the Executive Board of Ifma and Secretary General of the Thai Arab Boxing Federation., states in
It’s already known that many athletes from all around the globe will take part in the event debuting in this Arabic country. The crucial point meant by its government was the extremely successful development and rapid popularity of the sport as in the state, so as in the region.
Muay Thai, indeed, is a martial art that originated in Thailand that uses standing kicks in conjunction with various fighting techniques.
The organization of such competition on a great scale is a real crash test
for national infrastructure of which the UAE is proud of so much.

Source: News Agency – WAM